The true luxuries of yachting are freedom, peace and escape

The true luxuries of yachting are freedom, peace and escape

“On land we all tend to flock to the most beautiful and popular places we can reach, which means they are always crowded. At sea, well, there’s an entire new dimension to things. The better the location the fewer people there are”

It was with this wise and simple observation in mind that Fabio Perini started building sailing yachts over a quarter of a century ago. The eponymous Perini Navi brand now stakes claim to the launch of many iconic and luxurious sailing yachts, arguably the best luxury sailing yachts that money can buy or charter

He continues, “I believe passionately in the importance of sailing. I like to think I am doing my best to make that special time better for those who can afford it”.

Indeed, for those that can afford it, taking a holiday on a luxury yacht can be the ultimate escape.

For some, the attraction of owning or chartering yacht is to be seen; to express and enjoy their achievements and success in the more popular, iconic and crowded hot-spots around the world…..St Tropez, Monaco, Portofino, Porto Cervo, Mykonos to name a few of the Mediterranean summer hotspots. The Caribbean hosts many a luxury yacht during the northern hemisphere winter months, with her exotic and alluring island life…St Baths is the place to be seen on your yacht over New Year. Indeed, the fact that these locations are humming with activity in the height of their respective seasons is, of course, the seductive draw for this particular type of pleasure seeker.

When you consider Fabio Perini’s thoughts however, you can start to appreciate what owning or chartering a yacht is all about. It is the freedom to escape these places at will, cocooned in a supremely comfortable and safe environment, to enjoy and explore places that not many get to see on an Instagram photo, let alone actually experience. The ultimate luxury, therefore, is peace and quiet, the ability to explore the very less travelled locations on earth, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, away from the prying eyes and loose lips…far away from the Madding Crowd.

Actually, one does not need to go very far at all from the usual hotspots to find the peace and tranquillity that Fabio Perini refers to. A great example lies just a few miles from the hedonistic hustle and bustle of St Tropez. The Porquerolles Islands, a quiet corner of the Cote D’Azur, has been described as the “last refuge on the French Riviera”. Further along the coast one finds not only France’s highest sea cliffs, but also the Callanques; fjord-like inlets, with crystal-clear water, carved into the glorious pale limestone. These are only easily accessible by boat.

Indeed, whilst it is possible to find privacy and tranquility, by yacht, close to the more crowded and popular locations, there are now an ever increasing number of yacht owners using and offering their yachts to charter in many of the world’s most remote, exotic, adventurous and peaceful locations.

What better way to explore the more beautiful, inaccessible and less populated corners of the earth? Places were hotels (let alone luxury establishments) are non-existant or in very short supply. Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Scotland in the North. Patagonia and the majestic icy and wildlife-filled lands of Antartica in the South. The Pacific Ocean with her countless jewels, South East Asia with her limitless and pristine anchorages, the towering orange cliffs and dazzling waterfalls of the Kimberley in Australia.

All of these fabulous locations, both familiar and remote (and many more) are accessible to those who “can afford it” on a luxury yacht charter.