Chartering luxury sailing yachts

The wonders of chartering luxury sailing yachts

“It is remarkable how quickly a good and favorable wind can sweep away the maddening frustrations of shore living”.

Harnessing the power of Mother Nature, ploughing through the rolling seas, is what being on luxury sailing yachts is all about. There is something totally magical about setting sail. A unique feeling as the canvas fills. Firstly, the yacht gradually responds to the wind.  The sounds and feelings at that moment start to supersede the drone and clatter of the yacht’s mechanical machinery. At last, that magical moment comes that the engine is stopped. It thus becomes apparent that the yacht’s posture and speed is being dictated by the power of the wind. The skill of the crew and state of the sea influence this as well.

As the man-made sounds of the power train stop, so comes the more natural tones of water against the hull. The yacht ploughs her way through the waves, with the creaking of tensioning lines and the ruffled whisper of the wind in your ears.

This experience occurs each and every time one sets sail. It is also true that today’s luxury sailing yachts still lack none of the comfort or amenities offered by the often more sought-after motor yacht.

With the advancement of technology and modern building techniques, the comforts of the modern yacht are therefore seamlessly integrated into the more fluid, traditional and hydro-dynamic form of the sailing yacht.

No sacrifices in comfort or amenities

So, there is no need to make any sacrifices when chartering a sailing yacht. Whether that be in terms of style, size, features and amenities.  Furthermore, the over-all feeling of spending time with your love-ones on a luxury yacht charter is supreme. Indeed, chartering a sailing yacht this summer will certainly help to “sweep away the frustrations of shore living”.

There are over 170 large sailing yachts between 24m (80fT) and 88m (290ft) available to charter in the Mediterranean this summer. From classic gems, to utterly modern yachts masquerading as traditional yachts, to recently launched contemporary masterpieces. There are luxury sailing yachts to suit the tastes and budget of anyone inclined to charter. Contact us if you are considering chartering a luxury sailing yacht.