Indulging yourself whilst on a luxury yacht charter is not all about excess. Whilst yacht charter is synonymous with extreme luxury, it is the ability to reset and to rejuvenate, in privacy, from the stresses of everyday life which is the greatest luxury of all. The ability to charter a yacht is synonymous with success and achievement. It is, however, the simple fact that spending precious private time, with friends or loved ones, provides the ultimate sense of wellbeing. A rejuvenating yacht charter is a true luxury.

Considered holistically, a luxury yacht charter can be the ultimate private retreat, a profound rehab from the stresses of day-to-day life. A luxury detox. The ultimate health retreat.

Fitness, Health and Vitality

With many yachts now providing gym equipment and full-blown gyms, one has the opportunity to continue your exercise routine. Often crew members are qualified Personal Trainers. Alternatively, bring your own along or book a recommended local expert. There is no need for your personal fitness regime to suffer whilst on board.

yacht gym rejuvenating yacht charter

Spa treatments and rejuvenation

Hamman’s, saunas, jacuzzis and spas are also commonplace. One often finds professionally trained masseuse and beauty therapists on hand to sooth away the pressures of day-to-day life. If one of the yachts crew doesn’t specifically provide such treatments then trusted  practitioners can come aboard wherever you go.

rejuvenating yacht charter massage

Water sports

Sporting experiences are also at hand with most yachts providing a panoply of exciting and cutting-edge water sports equipment. An early morning workout on a paddleboard can be complemented later in the day by kayaking, open-water swimming, water-skiing. The inventories of water-sports equipment onboard today’s luxury yachts are impressive, to say the least.

rejuvenating yacht charter paddle board


The chefs on board today’s luxury charter yachts are highly trained and experienced.  They expect to prepare food for the most demanding of clients. They are skilled and  flexible enough to be able to provide  to the cleanest of eating experiences. Its not all about gourmet cuisine! Vegan, lactose-free, low carb, Paleo, Kosher, your chef will provide you with the specific nutrition that you require.

rejuvenating yacht charter cuisine

Heading Ashore

Whilst the focus, whilst being on the yacht, is the yacht itself and what it can provide, other land-based activities can complement the aquatic lifestyle. Indulge your instinctive wanderlust.  Get whisked ashore for an early morning run, take a brisk hike along the stunning coastline, up the nearest hill. Play tennis, play the local 18 holes, jump on a mountain bike. Your focus then returns to the  sanctuary and privacy of your yacht, far away from the madding crowd.

Get in touch today, and will present you with the very best available yachts upon which you can have a rejuvenating yacht charter.