It’s all about the toys on a super yacht charter! The superb range of water sports toys that yachts are now increasingly offering has never been more exciting.

On a luxury yacht charter, you can expect to visit exquisite locations, and enjoy tremendous onboard facilities. You will be looked after by expert and attentive crews offering world-class levels of service. One aspect of a yacht charter that can, however,  affect your enjoyment is the inventory of toys carried onboard, especially when you get toy envy whilst surveying the scene around you whilst at anchor!

Most yacht crews are mad on watersports. They will be only too eager to share their enthusiasm and expertise with you.

The vast majority of yachts will have waterskis, wakeboards, knee-boards, snorkeling gear and a range of towable inflatables (bananas and doughnuts) as standard.

Increasingly these are being added to with increasingly sophisticated and exciting hardware.

Here’s a selection of what’s hot for your 2019 summer charter

Water slides and inflatable water parks.waterpark

Sliding, bouncing, climbing. Your personal waterpark can be set up quickly, providing slides, trampolines, climbing walls. Enjoyed by children and adults alike the fun starts here.



electric-surfboardsElectric Powered Surf Boards

Why wait to find the rolling surf when you have one of these on board? It reaches speeds in excess of 20mph, and provide you with environmentally-friendly emissions-free surfing.





Feel like a superhero as you are launched up to 12m into the air by 2 powerful jets of water. Flyboards offer another truly exhilarating ride! You will be able to take the reigns after a short introductory training session.





The Standup Paddle board is the toy of choice for those wishing to stay fit whilst getting close to nature. The SUP has become a worldwide phenomenon, making it the fastest growing watersport in recent times.






The closest that you’ll get to swimming like a dolphin, these incredible sea scooters can dive to depths of in excess of 20m, in addition giving you underwater speeds of over 10km per hour.




Jet Ski MediterraneanJetskis

Do not forget, of course, the much enjoyed jet ski.* Fast, fun and furious jet skis offer true exhilaration, excitement and speed.





*When you charter a yacht we advise you to check with us whether you will need any qualifications to use specific watersports equipment. Increasingly, yachts are now becoming “RYA Recognised Training Centres”, meaning that a qualified crew member can issue you with a valid license at the start of your charter. After a short training session you will be up and away. This applies to a number of motorised and high-speed toys including jet skis and flyboards.

Polaris have access to the worldwide yacht charter fleet. We can find you the luxury charter yacht of your choice, in your desired location with a superb range of watersports equipment…..but don’t delay! As the fastest growing luxury holiday choice, availability of the best yachts this summer will start to become limited very soon.