Using jet skis during your yacht charter

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jet skis and yacht charter

Jet skis are part of the inventory on most motor yacht charters.  Other items of water sports equipment on today’s charter yachts are quite outstanding, with ever more exotic and exciting toys being added all the time.

The jet ski remains the most sought after. Whilst the majority of toys onboard can be used without training or qualifications, you need to understand where jet skis can be used and by whom. Ensure that you are suitably qualified before or during your charter.

Local laws on the use of jet skis apply wherever you choose to go.  Total bans in some jurisdictions or bans within designated areas are common. Speed limits and age restrictions apply wherever you go.

Once on-board, the captain advises you on any local regulations within your chosen cruising area. He also insists that you hold a valid PWC license. If you don’t have one before the start of your charter all is not lost!


If you are not already qualified you will need to select a yacht that is a recognised RYA Training Centre.  They can issue suitable licenses for the duration of your charter after a short training session by a qualified crew member.

Not only will you have with the correct license, but you will also get training on the yacht’s specific equipment.

Whilst more and more yachts become such training centres, there are currently only 190 yachts (from 24 – 99m in length from a fleet of 1000+ available this summer in the Mediterranean) that are registered RYA Training Centres. 

Many more yachts are in the process of becoming such training centres. If the yacht you choose is not, we can always organise training for you and your guests by a local registered trainer .

To see an overview of specific territorial regulations please CLICK HERE