There’s nothing quite like owning a yacht. One of the biggest perk of being a superyacht owner is the ability to be master of your own dreams.

Yachting is an experience that extends beyond just the period on board. From the planning of a build and itinerary, and the anticipation preceding a cruise (future), to the on board experience and journey (present) – and the memories that linger long after clients have returned to shore (past), yachting as a whole is an experience that extends beyond the time on board.

* The Input  – The experience of yachting begins well before the first voyage. It starts in the mind, with the anticipation and excitement that comes with selecting which yacht to charter or buy, selecting your destinations, planning itineraries and daily activities.

* The Event  – The day finally arrives and you set sail. The power of the yacht is its ability to bring people who see too little of each other during the year into a close-quarter environment to share quality time. As a result, many think carefully about the companions they choose to invite on board and the activities they can partake in once on board.

* The Recollection – The experience of yachting lingers long in the mind and lives on. After The Event has ended, The Recollection begins. There is only so much one can say about a purchase. But when you chart your own course and tailor a cruise to your tastes, the places seen and people encountered give rise to experiences that beg to be relived over and over for years to come. This is where yachting’s power comes full circle: in the generation of unique and indelible memories. The Recollection is about that fundamental human need to tell stories – something which yachting more than amply satisfies.

Most yacht owners agree that chartering a yacht is the perfect way to experience the yachting lifestyle before buying.

Should you be inspired by your yacht charter experience and wish to enter the elite world of luxury yacht ownership then POLARIS can certainly help. Our extensive worldwide relationships within the yacht brokerage community allow us to offer wide-ranging, independent and qualified advice across the spectrum of large yacht purchase.